The Inheritance of Loss Chapters 11-12 Summary

Kiran Desai

Chapters 11-12 Summary

After dropping Sai at Noni's house, the cook traveled on to the village, where he sold his homemade liquor to a local businessman. This was how the cook supplemented his income, which had not changed in several years. Sai's grandfather saw no need to increase the cook's wages. Wanting to buy things for his son and for himself, the cook had begun making his homemade brew out of fermented millet, using the extra money to buy his son clothes. What the cook really wanted was to buy the shiny things that he had heard of, ovens and television sets, for instance.

Other servants in the village had no need of supplementing their wages. They were well taken care of and took enormous pride in this fact. The cook, not wanting to be...

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