How is the setting described during the actual Hunger Games in the book?

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In the first Hunger Games book, Katniss and Peeta compete in a wooded arena. There is a pine forest and a large lake which provides a source of water. Katniss is pleased that it is not a barren wasteland or some sort of terrain she is unfamiliar with, because she knows how to hunt well in this kind of forest. In the arena, there is a deep valley that Katniss travels down on her first day, to get away from the other and in hopes of finding water. There are mostly pine trees but also other kinds of tress like willows, and bushes that provide her with camouflage and protection. There are also small lily ponds and little springs that provide water when Katniss needs drink or to wash her wounds. This setting is also home to many animals like rabbits, birds, and fish that Katniss is able to hunt and use for food. There are also edible plants, healing herbs, and berries that Katniss is able to use for survival. This forest setting provides Katniss with many tools that help her and Peeta in the Hunger Games. 

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