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Hunger Games Vocab. Ch. 1

by jennamhughes

  • Release Date: February 12, 2019
  • Subjects: Language Arts
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The Hunger Games Vocabulary – Chapter 1: Sentences – Context Clues

  • Daniel and his father went out to hunt caribou. Unfortunately, Daniel’s little sister walked over to them just as they were removing the ENTRAILS of the caribou and preparing the meat.
  • When watching the ballerinas in The Black Swan, I couldn’t help but notice the SUPPLE movements of their bodies.
  • I noticed several animals sniffing through my grandmother’s garden. Then it hit me, they were FORAGING for their next meals.
  • Gail was feeling sick and decided to seek help from the local APOTHECARY that her sister recommended.
  • Her shimmery dress was IRIDESCENT and caught the light every time she moved.
  • Another government employee has proven to be a RACKETEER; he has consistently been seen taking money from known criminals.
  • It's important for mountain hikers to carry abundant SUSTENANCE in case they get lost.
  • Ellen DeGeneres decided to pay TRIBUTE to her wife Portia DeRossi when she released her latest memoir by having her on the show.
  • Despite dieting and wearing loose clothing, it's difficult for him to hide his PAUNCHY middle.
  • My English teacher should feel REPENTANCE for assigning me such difficult projects.

The Hunger Games Vocabulary – Chapter 1: Vocabulary’s Prior Knowledge: Part of Speech, Definition, Prefix, and Suffix, Synonym, Antonym

  • Entrails ( ): Synonym-Antonym-
  • Supple ( ): Synonym-Antonym-
  • forage ( ): Synonym-Antonym-
  • apothecary ( ): Synonym-Antonym-
  • iridescent ( ): Synonym-Antonym-
  • racketeers ( ): Synonym-Antonym-
  • sustenance ( ): Synonym-Antonym-
  • tribute ( ): Synonym-Antonym-
  • repentance ( ): Synonym-Antonym-
  • paunchy ( ): Synonym-Antonym


List of vocabulary, context clue sentences, and word maps to study.

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