The Hunger Games Lesson Plans
by Suzanne Collins

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Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games is a multifaceted text that rewards study on a number of topical and thematic levels. Teaching The Hunger Games gives students opportunities to study rich literary and thematic content through classroom activities and exercises. Our Premium Lesson Plans and Activities for The Hunger Games include a comprehensive eNotes lesson plan for studying the entire novel—complete with a multiple-choice exam, essay questions, vocabulary exercises, and a comprehensive answer key—and a response journal filled with writing and discussion prompts to facilitate students' reading of the text. Each of these documents has been written and vetted by our in-house educators and editors. In addition to premium content, we also have free materials available that have been contributed by teacher users.

Premium Lesson Plans and Activities

  • The Hunger Games eNotes Lesson Plan

    Learning Objectives: By the end of this unit, students should be able to reference themes, plot points, and characters in the novel in discussing how The Hunger Games explores freedom of choice as a means of resistance in a society that dehumanizes individuals; explain how and why the totalitarian regime in...

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  • The Hunger Games eNotes Reading Response Prompts

    Why does it upset Katniss when Peeta Mellark is chosen as the male tribute from District 12? Why do you think she hates “owing people”? How do you think her feelings on this subject will complicate her choices in the Hunger Games? Katniss is unsure about the motives behind Peeta’s friendly behavior. Do...

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