Chapter 6 Summary

The Training Center in Capitol has a tower for the tributes; although Katniss is often disdainful of the opulence of Panem’s ruling city, she enjoys their elevators. Kat has also begun to appreciate Effie Trinket, who turns out to be their chaperone. Although Trinket is doing her best to secure sponsors for Kat and Peeta, she finds it difficult to work with Haymitch. Haymitch has not shared his strategy with her, so she admits that she has been promoting them as mysterious tributes from the barbarous District 12. Kat finds this judgment ironic considering that Trinket is “helping to prepare us for slaughter.” Still, Trinket is determined to help Kat to succeed in the Capitol’s games.

Before long, Kat is called for supper, where she meets Peeta and their stylists, Cinna and Portia. Haymitch also arrives, looking almost respectable and almost sober for once. Kat tries wine for the first time and finds that it is not to her taste. However, she finds everything else delicious. Throughout the meal, silent servers bring food to the table. At the end of the meal, Kat thinks she recognizes one of them.

Effie and Haymitch explain that Kat likely does not know the serving girl because she is an “Avox.” Haymitch goes on to explain that girls like the server have their tongues pulled out for treachery. People are not supposed to talk to them. The guests consider whether Kat really knew an Avox until Peeta breaks the silence by stating that the girl reminds him of Delly Cartwright. Kat recognizes this as a lie told as a favor to her.

After the meal ends, Kat and Peeta head toward their rooms. Along the way, Peeta proposes that they go to the roof of the Training Tower where they can talk because it is so windy they will not be overheard. There, Kat explains that she and Gale were hunting once and came across the serving girl and her brother fleeing from danger. A hovercraft appeared out of nowhere and captured the girl and speared the boy before it “vanished into thin air.” Given that the girl looks like she is from the Capitol, it is likely that she was indeed a traitor. Kat and Peeta recognize that it would not be a good idea for them to explore why she would question the goodness of Panem’s rulers. Regardless of what everyone else thinks, Kat does know the Avox, and she wonders whether the serving girl will enjoy watching her die in the Hunger Games.