Chapter 21 Summary

On her way to the Cornucopia, at which each of the districts will be offered something it desperately needs, Kat finds herself wishing Gale was with her. She recalls that Gale has proposed to her that they run away together and wonders whether they could have become more than friends. Now she is kissing Peeta to survive. Kat wonders what Gale thinks. Gale is surely watching, as is everyone else in Panem. Kat suspects that even school has been cancelled for this event.

At the Cornucopia, a table with four packs rises out of the ground. Before Kat can decide what to do, the fox-faced girl hops out of the horn, grabs her bag, and runs off. The other bags still remain, guaranteeing that no one will chase her. It is a brilliant plan and Kat is irritated she did not think of it. Now, Kat realizes, she will have to go next or else risk allowing another district to steal Peeta’s medicine.

Kat runs as fast as she can and a knife is thrown at her almost instantly. Kat dodges, turns, and shoots an arrow into Clove, Cato’s partner from District 2. The arrow lodges in Clove’s shoulder, but she is still free to throw knives at Kat with her other arm. Undaunted, Kat rushes to the table and grabs the medicine. She turns and is nearly knocked unconscious with another of Clove’s knives. Before Kat knows it, Clove has her pinned down and begins outlining what she will do to her. She says she will cut of Kat’s lips and torture her the same way Rue suffered before she died.

Just as Kat feels the first cut of Clove’s knife, Thresh arrives—he was Rue’s fellow tribute from District 11. He lifts Clove into the air and demands to know what Clove did to little Rue before he smashes her into the ground and attacks her temple with a rock. Kat knows that Thresh has her and asks only that he make her death a fast one. Instead, Thresh asks about Rue’s death and Kat explains how she cared for Rue. As payment, Thresh lets Kat go but says they are now even. Kat escapes and considers whether Cato will pursue her. Most likely, he will pursue Thresh, who has his district’s prize. Kat rushes back to Peeta and gives him the medicine.