Chapter 15 Summary

The hallucinogens are a nightmare for Kat because the tracker jacker wasp venom was designed to target the part of the brain that controls fear. Kat sees her sister Prim die and relives the death of her father.

When she wakes from her hallucinations, she takes stock of her situation. She does not know how long she slept, but she is now alive and has a bow. Now that Kat has a bow and arrow, she does not have to play defensively. She feels confident that she can kill any opponent she faces. Kat manages to shoot a rabbit and bathes in a pond. Still, she is once again battling thirst and notes that she has lost enough weight for her bones to stick out from her skin. She also still needs to treat the burns on her leg.

While eating, Kat realizes that she is not alone. She spots Rue’s foot and proposes an alliance. The little girl from District 11 at first cannot believe that anyone would want to ally with her. However, Kat points out that Rue is smart, that she is a survivor, and that it was her idea to attack the careers with the tracker jacker nest. To herself, Kat admits that Rue reminds her of Prim. The alliance is forged and the two girls begin to take care of each other. Rue understands how to use plants medicinally and uses herbs to heal Kat’s tracker jacker stings. In return, Kat offers Rue some of her burn ointment and food.

Rue comes from District 11, which is an agricultural area. Rue has grown up working in orchards, which is why she is so good at running along tree branches and also why she knows so much about medicinal plants. Rue explains to Kat that people go hungry in her district as well because all of the food is sent elsewhere. If the people of District 11 feed themselves, they are publicly whipped. Kat compares this to her life and wonders whether life in District 12 is as bad.

Perhaps the most important thing that Rue can offer is information. As the two tributes prepare for the cold night, Kat asks Rue how long she was knocked out by the tracker jacker venom. Rue reports that Kat was asleep for two days and that the Careers returned to their camp at the Cornucopia and are recovering there. Kat also asks whether Peeta saved her, and Rue reports that he may have because he is no longer with the Careers. As the chapter closes, Kat begins to consider a plan to attack the Careers.