Chapter 13 Summary

The wall of flame is a manufactured trap orchestrated by the Gamemakers. The purpose of the fire is not necessarily to kill the tributes but rather to herd them toward each other to provide better entertainment for the viewers. Kat manages to outrun the wall of flame by following animals. Afterward, she is exhausted and vomits on the ground. However, there are also fireball launchers in the trees and rocks, and Kat soon finds herself running for her life again. This time, she is unable to evade the fire and severely burns her leg. Fortunately, she survives and finds herself standing in another pond. Kat tends to her leg.

Before long, she hears the Career pack coming. Like her, they have been running from fire. Their voices are raw and sore. Kat has a one-minute head start on the pack and begins running for her life again. Kat thinks the pack of Careers is like a pack of dogs, and she recalls what she would do if she were hunting back home: she climbs a tree.

The Careers circle the base of the tree. Kat is in a tight spot but knows that the Careers are heavier than she is and not likely to reach her. Consequently, Kat acts with bravado and mocks the Careers. Two of the Careers stand out. Cato tries to climb the tree with his sword, but the branches are unable to support his weight and he falls back down. A girl, Glimmer, next tries to climb the tree. Kat is infuriated to find that Glimmer is armed with a bow and arrows. However, the girl is not very good at shooting and Kat manages to catch the only arrow that makes its way to her. Kat taunts the Careers again, and finally Peeta suggests they make preparations for the night.

Kat also settles in for the night but finds that her burned leg keeps her awake. Suddenly, Kat realizes that something is looking at her. It is Rue, the little girl who reminds Kat of her sister, Prim. During her interview with Caesar, Rue said she was good at hiding, and so far she has lived up to her claim. As the chapter ends, Rue draws Kat’s attention to something else in the tree.