Chapter 11 Summary

The Hunger Games begin at the Cornucopia, a giant horn filled with supplies and weapons. There are also supplies arranged beyond the horn, but the further they are from the Cornucopia, the less useful they are. Around all of this, arranged in a circle, are the twenty-four tributes. Nearby are a lake and some woods.

Although Haymitch warned Kat and Peeta to run away from the Cornucopia, Kat spots a bow and considers running for it. When the gong sounds, she is looking at Peeta and misses her chance. Kat is determined not to leave empty handed, so she runs and grabs a backpack. Another boy confronts her for it and is killed by a knife-throwing Career. Kat runs away before she is forced to face the Career. Her opponent throws a knife, but it lodges in her pack. Kat makes it to the edge of some woods and checks to ensure that no one is following her. She frees her knife but resolves not to look into the backpack for the time being. Finally taking Haymitch’s advice, Kat starts trekking into the woods in search of water.

Although Kat hikes away from the Cornucopia and into a valley for an entire day, she does not find water. She surprises a rabbit and reasons that rabbits have to eat somewhere. That evening, she checks her pack and finds a sleeping bag, some wire, some food, and an empty bottle. Disappointed that she still does not have water, Kat sets a few snares and then climbs a tree to rest for the night. Before she falls asleep, a cannon is shot once for each tribute killed so far in the games. Eleven children have been killed on the first day, though only one is a Career. Kat is relieved to learn that both Peeta and Rue have survived the first day. Five Careers are still alive. A fox-faced girl is also alive, as is Thresh, an impressively fierce, though otherwise withdrawn, tribute.

Kat wakes to the sound of snapping branches. Near to her, she sees a girl making a fire and warming her hands. Kat is infuriated because the fire may provide the girl with warmth but will also attract the attention of the Careers. Before long, Kat’s fears become a reality. The surviving Careers are hunting in a pack, and they mercilessly kill the girl. Kat makes sure to be still and overhears the Careers talking among themselves. One of them is Peeta.