Chapter 10 Summary

After Peeta confesses his love for Katniss on television, Katniss is initially embarrassed and then infuriated. Back in private quarters with Peeta and their crew, Kat shoves her fellow tribute. Peeta falls and injures his hand. Kat goes on to confront Haymitch, demanding to know whether the two of them planned Peeta’s confession. Haymitch admits that they did and explains how it will help her. Peeta’s confession of love makes Kat seem attractive to the sponsors again. Kat’s interview with Caesar was not very impressive; Peeta and Haymitch have done her a favor. Kat’s fury turns to concern about whether her performance was real enough to continue causing the audience to think that she and Peeta are in love. Cinna and Effie convince her that she seemed suitably embarrassed.

That night, Kat finds herself unable to sleep. She returns to the Training Center’s roof and finds Peeta. Kat has been thinking about what the games will be like. Peeta is more concerned about his identity. Kat suggests that his concern is not very useful, especially because the Gamemakers have already taken everything they have. Peeta retorts that his identity is the only thing he has left. Kat reflects that there have been tributes in the past who have manifested psychotic tendencies once they are in the arena. In fact, one boy began to eat the teenagers he killed in the games, which the Gamemakers found to be bad publicity. It was afterward suggested that the Gamemakers killed him so he could not be the victor. Peeta’s concern may be valid, but Kat remains focused on survival.

Kat has little time left to prepare for the Hunger Games. A tracking device is injected into her body, which will allow the Gamemasters to monitor both her location and her condition. Kat receives some final words of advice from Haymitch: run away from the initial brawl, find water, and stay alive. The last thing Kat receives is her district token, the mockingjay pin, which was almost not allowed out of concern that it could be used as a weapon.

As the chapter ends, Kat prepares to enter the Hunger Games arena. The other contestants cannot see each other but will each enter the games in a central location filled with resources and weapons known as the Cornucopia. Kat reflects that in the future, the arena will become a tourist attraction for people from the Capitol. There will be tours and reenactments and delicious food. However, none of that matters now, particularly as Kat hears the announcer, Claudius Templesmith, declare that the Hunger Games have officially begun. The contestants are put in the arena.