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Chapter 32 Summary


Another day passes, and in her head Minny can hear Miss Hilly reading the lines of her book. The scream is coming. Aibileen told her about the conversation she overheard at the grocery store, but nothing has happened since. Leroy still looks at her as if he knows something, but he has not said anything. Minny is startled when she looks up and sees Aibileen at her screen door; her friend gestures for her to come outside quietly, so Minny extricates herself from her family and joins her at the side of the house. Aibileen is visibly upset.

Miss Hilly’s maid, Ernestine, called Aibileen and said Miss Hilly is telling all the white people she knows to fire their maids based on the stories told in their book—and she is not even making correct guesses. She is on a rampage of spite, and so far at least one maid has been fired. Even Miss Lou Anne is considering firing Louvenia—and possibly even sending her to jail—simply because Miss Hilly told her to. The two women do not know what will happen if Miss Hilly does not finish reading the book soon. Leroy is standing at the door quietly; Minny says...

(The entire section is 420 words.)