Chapter 26 Summary


The morning after the Benefit, Minny is tired and sore. Her daughter, Sugar, who also worked at the event, is counting her earnings: nine dollars and fifty cents. The phone rings; it is Mister Johnny calling to tell Minny that Miss Celia had a difficult time last night. He asks her to take good care of her since he will be out of town all week. He will come back if he is needed; all she has to do is call him. Minny promises to look after her and tells him Miss Celia will be all right.

Minny did not see the end-of-the-night events, but she did hear about them. When Sugar started to make fun of Miss Celia, Minny smacked her, yanked her into a corner, and told her she was never to speak...

(The entire section is 1317 words.)