Chapter 15 Summary


Not one word is spoken about the shooting or its aftermath in the Leefolt home. There has been no word from Miss Hilly, and Aibileen is still sick with worry. The day after the funeral, Miss Fredericks (Miss Leefolt’s mother) stops at the Leefolts’ and simply walks into the house. Aibileen is ironing, and Miss Leefolt gives her a look that tells her to stop what she is doing, pick up the scattered toys, and wipe the jelly off Mae Mobley’s face. Miss Fredericks drives an expensive car and does a lot of shopping, so she probably has a lot more money than the Leefolts do. Now she demands that her daughter take her to the fanciest restaurant in town, and Aibileen knows the older woman will...

(The entire section is 1013 words.)