The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society Characters

Mary Ann Shaffer


Juliet Ashton is the protagonist of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Juliet is in her early thirties, and she is a little bored with her life. She enjoys writing but is tired of creating silly little stories that entertain her readers. She wants to write about something more meaningful and serious. As it happens, as she begins to receive the letters from the people of Guernsey, she becomes inspired. Their stories are both funny and horrific. Their way of life is based on self-sufficiency and is closely tied to the natural environment, which is so different from the life that Julie is living among the rubble of London. The things the Guernsey people had to endure during the German occupation make Juliet admire them for their courage and their survival instincts. The people are also very open with her, which makes her feel indebted to them. They have given her something to write about.

Juliet has not lived an easy life by any means. She was orphaned when she was twelve. Her parents died in a car accident. She was raised by a bachelor uncle who paid little attention to her. She spent much of her adolescence in a boarding school. It was there that she met Sophie Strachan, who would remain Julie’s best friend into adulthood. Sophie is the sister of Sidney, who would become Juliet’s publisher. Because of her close relationship with Sidney, the people of Guernsey, including Dawsey, think that Juliet is in love with her publisher. However, Sidney eventually reveals that he is gay. His close friendship with Juliet is a friendship only.

Juliet is psychologically strong. She might not always know what she wants, but she has a good sense of what she does not want. One thing she is sure about is that she does not want to be someone’s trophy wife.She does not want a man, no matter how good looking and rich he might be, who wants to tell her what to do. She turns down two marriage proposals because though the men were tempting, they were not people who matched her well. She wants to be loved, but she also wants to remain independent. It is not until she meets Dawsey Adams that she really feels love, though it takes her publisher, Sidney, to point this out to her.

Dawsey Adams is a farmer. He mostly raises pigs. But he also takes on odd jobs in construction. He is a shy but loving man. He is strong but gentle. He falls in love with Juliet after having shared a few letters with her. However, he is too shy to admit his affections. While Juliet is living on Guernsey, she sometimes suspects that...

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