The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society Part 2, June 23 Summary

Mary Ann Shaffer

Part 2, June 23 Summary

Amelia Maugery writes to Juliet Ashton after meeting Remy Giraud at the hospice in France. While she felt as if she could not bear to meet Giraud, Adams was confident and calmly placed some chairs under a shade tree and asked the nurse for tea. Maugery so wanted McKenna’s friend to like them, but she was worried about Giraud’s fragile condition and the warnings that talking about Ravensbrück might be upsetting to the patient.

Giraud is very small and certainly too thin. Her dark, curly hair is close-cropped, and her eyes are huge and haunting. She was once a beautiful young lady, but now “she is like glass.” Though she tried to keep her hands still in her lap, they trembled. Giraud tried to welcome Maugery and...

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