The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society Part 2, July 1 Summary

Mary Ann Shaffer

Part 2, July 1 Summary

Sidney Stark writes a reply to Juliet Ashton’s request for him to help her with her book. He tells her there will be no need to send him any of her research, her manuscript, or her interview notes, for he would like to make a trip to Guernsey. He wonders if this weekend would suit her.

Stark would like to see Ashton, of course, but he also would like to meet Kit and Guernsey—all in that order. He certainly does not want to read her work as she nervously paces back and forth in front of him, so when he leaves Guernsey, he will take her manuscript with him back to London where he can read it in peace.

He writes that he will arrive on Friday afternoon via the five o’clock plane and intends to stay until Monday evening. Stark asks if she would be willing to reserve a hotel room for him and wonders if she also can arrange a small dinner party while he is there. He would very much like to meet all the friends she has written about so extensively in her letters to him: Eben Ramsey, Isola Pribby, Dawsey Adams, and Amelia Maugery. Stark will bring the wine.

Ashton is thrilled to learn that Stark is coming for a visit; however, she will not be booking him a room at the local inn. Pribby has hinted at bedbugs and insists that Stark stay with her. Ashton is supposed to find out if Stark is likely to be bothered by noises at dawn, as that is when Ariel, her goat, wakes up. (Zenobia, her parrot, is a late sleeper.) Adams and Ashton will be taking Adams’ cart to meet him at the airfield Friday evening. She wants Friday to arrive quickly.

On Friday just before dawn, Isola Pribby leaves a note under Ashton’s door. She apologizes to Ashton that she does not have time to stop and visit, as she has to hurry to her market stall. Pribby is glad that Ashton’s friend will be coming for a visit and staying with her. In preparation for Stark's visit, Pribby has placed sprigs of lavender on his sheets. She also wonders if there is any special elixir which Ashton would like her to slip into his coffee. If there is, Ashton should come by Pribby’s stall in the market; if Ashton gives Pribby a nod, Pribby will know which potion she means.