The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society Part 1, May 19-20 Summary

Mary Ann Shaffer

Part 1, May 19-20 Summary

Juliet Ashton writes to Dawsey Adams and says she will finally be arriving the day after tomorrow. She admits she is too afraid to fly, even with the liquid courage of gin, so she will be arriving on the evening mail boat. She asks him to give Isola Pribby a message for her: She does not own a hat with a veil, and lilies make her sneeze, so she cannot carry them in a bouquet, but she does have a red wool cape and will be wearing it when she arrives.

She tells Adams he could not do one thing more than he and the others have already done to make her feel welcome. It is difficult for her to believe that she is actually going to meet all of her Guernsey friends at last.

Adams signs his letter with the word...

(The entire section is 514 words.)