The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society Part 1, May 1-3 Summary

Mary Ann Shaffer

Part 1, May 1-3 Summary

Ashton writes a letter to Reynolds after their dinner last night, trying to explain that she did not refuse him; all she asked for was more time. He was busy ranting about Guernsey and Stark and had not really heard what she said. She has only known him two months, and that is not enough time for her to know for certain whether they should spend the rest of their lives together. Ashton explains that she nearly married a man she did not really know, and she will not make the same mistake again.

She reminds Reynolds that she has not been in his home—or even knows where it is, exactly. New York, but on what street? Ashton wonders what color the walls of his home are painted; if he arranges his books alphabetically; if he...

(The entire section is 804 words.)