The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society Part 1, March 10 Summary

Mary Ann Shaffer

Part 1, March 10 Summary

Ramsey writes Ashton a letter in response to her questions about his grandson, Eli. The boy’s mother, Ramsey’s daughter, died on the day the Germans bombed Guernsey; his father died two years later in Africa. Eli lives with Ramsey now, but he had been evacuated, along with thousands of other babies and schoolchildren, to England eight days before the bombing. There was no word about the children for six months; then Ramsey got a postcard from the Red Cross which said Eli was well. No one knew where the children had been taken, and it was a long time before Ramsey was able to write his grandson. He had to tell Eli that both his parents had died.

Eli and the other children all came home together once the war was over,...

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