The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society Part 1, April 26-30 Summary

Mary Ann Shaffer

Part 1, April 26-30 Summary

Adams’ temporary job at the quarry is finished and Kit will now be staying with him for a time. As he writes, the little girl is under the table, whispering. When he asks her what she is whispering, there is a long silence and then she begins again. This time Adams can hear his own name along with other sounds. He tells Ashton this is what generals call a “war of nerves,” and he knows who is going to win.

Kit does not resemble her mother except for her gray eyes and certain look she gets when she is concentrating hard. On the inside, though, she is just like her mother—“fierce in her feelings.” This was true even when Kit was a baby. She would howl until the glass in the windows shook, and when she gripped...

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