The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

by Stieg Larsson

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How would you characterize Lisbeth Salander?

Expert Answers

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Lisabeth Salander is a shy, slight young woman with a conflicted personality and a huge chip on her shoulder. She is a master computer hacker and she enjoys taking revenge on men whom she deems "bastards." We don't know whether she was abused as a child, but she is abused in adulthood and takes creative and clever revenge on her tormenter. She is also able to take financial revenge on the main target of the book in Wennerstrom. Her role in the book and in the investigation as a teammate of Blomqvist's is very quiet, but effective. She almost always gets her way throughout the story because what she says and wants to do makes the most sense. That being said, Larsen defines his character better than I ever could by saying that Lisabeth Salander is "an information junkie with a delinquent child's take on morals and ethics."

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