Chapter 22 Summary

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Thursday, July 10

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Salander takes photos of the “macabre tableau” of the mutilated cat before Blomkvist clears it all away. She sees it as a warning and suspects Harald or Isabella because they are the right age. Blomkvist does not agree; he reasons that it is more likely someone from the younger generation. Salander leaves for Stockholm to “pick up some gadgets” for their protection. She tells Blomkvist to purchase two smoke alarms and two fire extinguishers while she is gone.

Blomkvist meets with Frode and asks him some questions. Blomkvist explains that while he was in Stockholm, his office was broken into and someone saw his list of Bible references hanging on the wall and the photos he has been working on. Frode tells him many people already know about the work he is doing and the leads he is pursuing. In addition to Vanger and Frode, Martin (who arranged his access to the newspaper photo archives), Birger, Cecilia, Alexander, Gunnar and Helen Nilsson, and Anita (Cecilia’s sister in London) all know what he is investigating.

As he is leaving the hospital, Blomkvist meets Martin. He looks tired and seems to have aged significantly over the past six months. Cecilia still will not talk to Blomkvist. Now the cat incident seems even more ominous to Blomkvist.

Blomkvist locates Otto Falk, now 72, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. He talks about Harriet in the present tense, unaware that she has been gone for thirty-seven years. The former pastor tells Blomkvist that he must warn Harriet, for she is “still a seeker.” He wants her to read only canon Scripture; the others will lead her astray. Harriet loves magic and has not yet found God; Falk says she needs guidance because she is “looking for a forbidden truth. She is not a good Christian.”

After installing the smoke alarms and the fire extinguishers, Blomkvist goes to visit the current pastor in Hedeby. She explains that the canonized Bible is the only true Word of God; the Apocrypha, which comprises books not generally accepted as part of the Bible, is not unusual in the Catholic faith but is quite controversial in the Protestant Church because it talks about subjects such as witchcraft.

When Salander is in Stockholm, she visits Armansky to tell him of her new contract and make sure he approves. After she leaves, he is concerned because she has always seemed to be the “perfect victim” and now she is hunting “a madman” in the wilds. Salander stops to see her mother; she is still “hardly present” but does not want her daughter to go—as if she has a premonition.

Berger calls Blomkvist and tells him she and her husband will be traveling for the next four weeks. Christer is in charge at Millennium and Dahlman is still a problem. Blomkvist is persistent in trying to reach Cecilia, but there is still no answer. Blomkvist runs his usual path through the woods for exercise and gets shot at. He is hit by shards, but he uses his military training to evade the next several shots (near the Nilsson farm) as he works his way back to the guest house. On his way, he sees Isabella, Gerda Vanger, someone in Cecilia’s house, and Martin’s car in the driveway. Salander is home when he finally arrives and cleans the flesh wound on his temple.

Blomkvist is furious and goes to Cecilia’s to tell her he has no interest in resuming their relationship but does need to know where she was an hour earlier. She tells him she was in Hedestad. Then he asks why she was in Harriet’s room on the day she disappeared. She looks surprised at the question and denies having been there. After she looks at the photograph Blomkvist brought with him, she denies it was her and insists he leave her house.

Salander drives Blomkvist to the hospital, where he gets two stitches. She places four of the motion detectors she borrowed around the guesthouse along with three video cameras. Outside the door she places a pressure-sensitive doormat and connects a night-vision scope—all of which feed directly into her computer.

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