Chapter 17 Summary

Wednesday, June 11–Saturday, June 14

The third clue in Harriet’s case comes to Blomkvist unexpectedly. He stops at Cecilia’s to see why she lied to the police about being in Harriet’s room the day Harriet disappeared. No one answers the door, but behind him he hears someone say, “Your whore isn’t home.” Blomkvist turns around to see Harald, splotched with liver spots, wearing his pajamas and dressing gown and carrying a cane. He is the picture of a “nasty old man.” Blomkvist stands nose-to-nose with him and defends Cecilia to her father before walking away from the old man.

When he tells Vanger about the confrontation, Vanger is not surprised. As a young lady, Cecilia fell in love...

(The entire section is 665 words.)