Chapter 15 Summary

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Part 3: Mergers, May 16–July 11

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Friday, May 16–Saturday, May 31

Blomkvist is released on parole from prison on May 16 after only two months. The experience was “unstressful and pleasant enough.” He got to keep his computer and spent the time writing. Upon his release, Blomkvist goes directly back to his cabin in Hedeby, where he is greeted by the cat that has become part of his existence here.

He calls Berger but gets no answer. When Vanger sees Blomkvist, he gives him an unexpected hug. They have dinner together. Vanger is excited about working with the magazine. After dinner, Blomkvist goes to visit Cecilia. She is surprised and upset when she sees him; she asks him to leave without any explanation. Blomkvist stops to smoke on a rock and sees Martin out on his huge cruiser boat. Blomkvist’s house is bare because he returned the files on Harriet before he left for prison to keep them safe. Only one photo album is left. Blomkvist has looked at it before and dismissed it, but he suddenly has a thought and begins to re-examine the bridge pictures, where he sees Harald, Henrik, and Cecilia. He is reacting to something in the photos, but he is not sure what it is yet.

At 11:00 that night, Cecilia comes to Blomkvist’s cabin. She has decided not to hide their relationship any longer. She explains she fell in love with him and did not intend to resume their relationship after he was released from prison. They begin again. Berger walks in on them in bed the next day at noon and feels embarrassed. It is awkward, but Cecilia invites them both to dinner. Berger makes arrangements to stay in one of Vanger’s guest rooms. Berger and Blomkvist discuss the beginnings of Millennium’s financial comeback. Advertising contracts have increased and subscriptions have skyrocketed. Vanger comes to dinner as well, and he finally speaks openly about Blomkvist’s goal to find Harriet’s killer.

The weather has turned to spring, and Blomkvist borrows a map of the island and the key to Gottfried’s cabin. It is located in an isolated spot on the island and is rustic on the outside. Inside, the furnishings are basic and sparse, but it is nicer than the guesthouse although there is no electricity. It includes an eclectic selection of reading material. It is an innocuous and modest cabin to which Harriet came often. In the summer of 1966, she spent three months here; her cousin Anita joined her for six of those weeks. One of the books Blomkvist sees in the cabin is Harriet’s Bible. Blomkvist considers the Bible and these Spartan conditions and wonders if this was perhaps some version of a convent for the sixteen-year-old girl.

Blomkvist waits a week before he goes to see Cecilia. She has decided not to see him anymore. She explains that she cannot be in a relationship; she has never been good at them. Blomkvist is gracious as he tells her good-bye.

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