Chapter 32 Summary

Thursday, April 7

Blomkvist arrives at Goteborg and rents a car; it is 10:30 before he begins driving to his destination.

Bublanski and Modig review Bjorck’s 1991 report. They agree that Bjorck had Salander sent to an institution because she was trying to protect her mother from a “lunatic sadist” who was working for the government. Teleborian was complicit in the cover-up. They will visit Bjorck in the morning.

Berger finally tells her husband about the job offer; Beckman is proud of her achievement. Armansky is shocked by the story Palmgren tells him. They conclude that Salander has gone to kill her father—and that her father may kill her. Despite their commitment to law and...

(The entire section is 906 words.)