Chapter 27 Summary

Wednesday, April 6

Bjorck greets Blomkvist when he arrives and looks pleased with himself. Blomkvist does not shake hands with him, and they make their arrangement quickly. Bjorck will talk if Blomkvist will not write about him in Millennium; Blomkvist agrees as long as Bjorck tells him everything. The journalist knows he is giving up nothing, for it is Svensson’s work that will be published and not in the magazine. If Bjorck withholds information, Blomkvist threatens to expose him worldwide, just like Wennerstrom. Bjorck agrees to tell him who Zala is.

Reports of a shot fired at Bjurman’s cabin create a stir, and Bublanski is contacted. He sends a team to the site, including Holmberg,...

(The entire section is 903 words.)