Chapter 23 Summary

Sunday, April 3–Monday, April 4

Blomkvist likes Roberto. The boxer believes Salander is innocent and wants to help prove it. Blomkvist explains two things that might help: finding another suspect or finding Salander. Blomkvist gives him Wu’s number and suggests he might be able to talk to her because of her interest in kickboxing. She may have an idea where to find Salander.

Bjorck spends the weekend assessing his limited options. He despises Blomkvist but knows his fate is in the journalist’s hands. Blomkvist desperately wants information on Zala, and Bjorck desperately wants Blomkvist to keep his sex crimes from being published. Both Svensson and Bjurman were hunting Zala, so Zala is a clue...

(The entire section is 915 words.)