Chapter 2 Summary

Friday, December 17

Advokat Nils Erik Bjurman is thinking about Lisbeth Salander, as he often does, and he is angry. The young girl “crushed him”; he will never forget—or forgive. She abused him in his own home and then humiliated him by tattooing his entire chest with damning words: “I AM A SADISTIC PIG, A PERVERT, AND A RAPIST.”

The fifty-five-year-old lawyer knows what he did to Salander was wrong by anyone’s standards, and as he is her guardian, it was reprehensible. He had been tormented by thoughts of her since he had met her two years earlier. When the waiflike girl in her mid-twenties had been deemed legally incompetent by the courts, he had assumed complete control over her...

(The entire section is 953 words.)