Chapter 10 Summary

Monday, March 14–Sunday, March 20

Her journeys to visit Palmgren are time-consuming and inconvenient, so Salander buys a car. She does not want to connect her car to her new apartment, so she asks Mimmi to procure the next available garage at the old apartment. Though she can afford a luxury car, she buys a four-year-old Honda. She pays in cash and gives Mimmi a set of keys.

Before going home, Salander stops at a cafe. She recognizes Bjurman and immediately moves so that she can study him unseen. Bjurman arouses no emotion in her. He is alive only because he is useful to her, though she believes the world would be a better place without him. The blond man with him is at least six-foot-six,...

(The entire section is 890 words.)