The Friday Night Knitting Club Summary

Kate Jacobs


In January 2008, author Kate Jacobs introduced readers to Georgia Walker and her daughter, Dakota, in The Friday Night Knitting Club. Between running her successful yarn shop, Walker and Daughter, on Manhattan's Upper West Side and raising a twelve-year-old biracial daughter, Georgia barely has a moment to herself.

Georgia begins the Friday Night Knitting Club at the store, thereby creating a group that serves many purposes: part coffee klatch, part support group, and part knitting circle. Members of the group include Georgia and Dakota in addition to Anita (a spunky widow in her seventies), television producer Lucie, feminist doctoral student Darwin, part-time employee Peri, and KC, an editor who is considering a change in her life. The plot take an interesting turn when Georgia unexpectedly crosses paths with former best friend, Cat Phillips. Georgia's life becomes even more complicated when Dakota's long-lost father, James, shows up and wants to be a part of her life.

Each of the women faces challenges over the course of the novel. Darwin, whose husband is doing his residency far from New York, struggles with pinning down her dissertation topic, missing her husband, and contemplating starting a family. Peri grapples with starting her own line of felted purses and abandoning law school. Unexpectedly pregnant Lucie must decide whether to put her successful career on hold or try to juggle work and motherhood. Anita, Georgia's mentor, begins to develop feelings for Marty, the owner of the deli next door to the shop. And Cat, newly separated, must figure out how to mend an old friendship and how to fend for herself, abandoning her identity as a high-society housewife. Finally, Dakota must navigate the rapids of adolescence under the watchful eyes of the women of the club.

When Georgia falls ill, the members of the club rally around her. They shore up the store so that her legacy can continue and, most important, they provide a loving environment and support system for Dakota.

Published by Berkley Trade, The Friday Night Knitting Club is a character study of complex women and an ode to female friendship. In November 2008, Jacobs followed up the success of The Friday Night Knitting Club with a sequel titled Knit Two. A follow-up novel, Knit the Season, is slated for publication in November 2009.