The Europeans Chapters 7 and 8 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Chapters 7 and 8 Summary and Analysis

Felix, having finished the portrait of Gertrude, begins to paint the others in his new circle of acquaintances, at the price of a hundred dollars per painting. He eventually persuades Mr. Wentworth also to sit for a portrait, although he does not charge him for it. Mr. Wentworth is becoming more and more enthralled by his young nephew, in whom he sees a level of wisdom that almost causes him to look to the youth for advice. Felix admits that he does not take much seriously, and will most likely continue in this course, even after he returns to Europe, which he feels he will do soon. Felix says that he is, after all, a European, and Eugenia is even more so. Mr. Wentworth suggests that he settle down,...

(The entire section is 909 words.)