The Europeans Chapters 11 and 12 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Chapters 11 and 12 Summary and Analysis

Eugenia comes to say good-bye to Mrs. Acton, Robert and Lizzie’s mother, who is an invalid and is slowly expiring. Mrs. Acton wishes that she would stay, at least for Robert’s sake, although they have all been happy in her presence. As Eugenia leaves, she decides to go into the Actons’ garden, where she encounters Robert. She tells him that she had been saying farewell to his mother, as she is now returning to Europe. Robert realizes at last that he is indeed in love with her, but he is not sure that he can trust her. He asks her again if she has signed and sent off the annulment papers as she said she had. She simply says, “Yes,” but he is unsure if she is being honest with him.


(The entire section is 999 words.)