The Boy in the Striped Pajamas Chapter 19 Summary

John Boyne

Chapter 19 Summary

On the day of Bruno and Shmuel’s scheduled “great adventure,” it rains heavily in the morning, and Bruno worries that he will not be able to see his friend before leaving for Berlin. Fortunately, the weather improves in the afternoon, and Bruno is able to make his way down the fence to their regular meeting place. When he arrives, Bruno finds Shmuel waiting for him with an extra pair of striped pajamas “exactly like the one he [is] wearing.”

Bruno tells Shmuel to turn his back then he Bruno strips off his own clothes and dons the striped pajamas. He notices that they do “not smell very nice.” When Bruno is ready, he tells Shmuel that he can turn around now. Shmuel finds it “quite extraordinary” how...

(The entire section is 580 words.)