The Boy in the Striped Pajamas Chapter 15 Summary

John Boyne

Chapter 15 Summary

Father’s birthday is coming up, and Mother is planning a party for him with Lieutenant Kotler’s help. Repulsed by the soldier’s presence, Bruno decides to make a list of all the reasons why he hates him. The lieutenant never smiles, and Gretel flirts with him shamelessly. Also, when Father is away, the young soldier is always around the house with Mother, acting “as if he [is] in charge.” Sometimes he is there when Bruno goes to bed and is back before he gets up again in the morning. One time Bruno saw Lieutenant Kotler shoot a dog that was barking outside. He also has not forgotten what the cruel young man did to Pavel that evening at dinner when Pavel had dropped the contents of a bottle into his lap. In Bruno’s...

(The entire section is 637 words.)