Who dies in The Book Thief?

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In The Book Thief, Hans and Rosa Hubermann, as well as Rudy Steiner and many other residents living in the surrounding neighborhood, die at the end of the novel during an air raid.

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Several principal characters die in Mark Zusak's Book Thief. Due to its setting in Germany during the Second World War there is constant threats to the characters life. One of the characters who is perhaps most vulnerable is Max Vandenburg, who is a Jewish refugee hiding from the Nazis. Hans and Rosa Hubermann decide to hide Max, thus endangering their own lives while saving his from certain death.

It is a point of tragic irony that none of the novel's characters die at the hands of the Nazis, who are typically portrayed as villains in Western retelling of WWII. Instead, Hans, Rosa and Rudy - as well as many of the other people living in the neighbour - are all killed during a bomb raid conducted by the Allies. Liesel, the book's protagonist, survives the bombing because she is in the basement of the house writing. With a tinge of similar irony, Max also survives, having already fled the Hubermann household and reunites with Liesel after the war.

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