Part 7 Summary

By the summer of 1942, Molching is well underway preparing for the coming war. Liesel joins Hans at work, painting people's windows black. Many do not have money to pay, so Hans takes trinkets and favors in return for his work. And while Liesel works, Rudy runs and dreams of getting four gold medals just like Jessie Owens. In mid-August at the summer carnival, Rudy wins the 1500 meter race, then the 400 and 200. Rudy claims that he is not tired, but then he false-starts the 100 meter race and is disqualified. When Liesel asks him why, he does not answer, and the two never talk about the race again.

Soon Liesel finishes reading The Dream Carrier, and she has a craving to take yet another book from the mayor’s...

(The entire section is 658 words.)