Chapters 29-30 Summary

Milo arrives at his mother’s house; his reverie of childhood remembrances is broken when he discovers Purdy and Michael Florida have dropped by for a visit. While the two obviously have charmed Claudia and Francine, Milo is less than happy to see them.

Purdy and Milo head out back to talk as they play tetherball on an old set-up Milo’s father installed years ago. Milo confronts Purdy about all of his lies and deceit, and Purdy confesses he was influential in getting Milo fired because he didn’t want any loose ends.

It is clear that Purdy is trying to feel out Milo to make sure he won’t cause any trouble. He responds to Milo’s accusations by calling him a loser and insulting Milo’s father.


(The entire section is 629 words.)