Chapters 25-26 Summary

At work, Milo discovers a department meeting and decides to attend it, even though he wasn’t invited. Dean Cooley gives a long-winded military-parable-laden speech that eventually ends in congratulating Llewellyn for another big give.

Cooley also mentions that the father of McKenzie, the pampered art student who got Milo fired, is gravely ill. This turns the focus to Milo and, as Cooley tells the room that Milo was not invited to the meeting, Milo prepares for complete annihilation.

Suddenly Cooley announces that Purdy has just made a huge give in the form of an arts center and congratulates Milo on his work.

Later, Vargina reveals that the foreign exchange student sleeping on Cooley’s couch...

(The entire section is 617 words.)