Chapters 21-22 Summary

The exchange in the park was brief, but Milo knows that Paul and Maura are having an affair by their guilty surprise.

That night at dinner, no one speaks except for random utterances by Bernie, who takes out his penis at the table and begins to play with it. Milo excuses himself to get some air but knows he cannot come back to the house that night.

He ends up in his familiar doughnut shop and buys the Kiddie Diddler a sandwich. Milo later learns that Kiddie Diddler used to own the shop and that his brother has done nothing to help him.

As Milo roams the street, he considers the variety of people he could call to find a place to crash (Purdy, even Don) but finally settles on Horace. Horace greets...

(The entire section is 517 words.)