The Art of Racing in the Rain

by Garth Stein

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Chapters 46-49 Summary

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Enzo does not feel very happy the following winter. He is often left alone, and without television to distract him, the days are exceptionally long. He begins to feel tired of his body and the limitations of being a dog. Enzo believes that this mental state led to the accident.

He and Denny are walking home from a park. Denny allows Enzo to walk along the streets toward home without his leash on. Enzo becomes distracted and does not notice when Denny crosses the street. So when Denny calls to him, Enzo sees his owner in the distance and begins walking toward him; he does not realize there is traffic. A young driver who is not used to paying close attention to the sides of the road is coming down the street, and they collide.

Denny rushes Enzo to the doctor’s office. Enzo has a cracked pelvis, but the doctor tells Denny it will heal. Then when Denny tries to pay for the doctor’s services, his credit card is denied. He offers another card, with the same results. He gives the attendant his debit card but that does not work either. Finally Denny pulls out some cash and asks if that will hold his bill until he can pay the remaining debt. The doctor agrees to the deal.

By the time they get home, Denny feels depressed. He tells Enzo he cannot go on; Eve’s parents have beaten him. Enzo is shocked to hear Denny talk like this; he wonders how his owner could be saying these things. Denny had been the one to teach Enzo never to give up. But that night Denny just keeps saying that he had tried. He had done his best.

Two weeks later, Denny is looking sickly and depressed as he takes Enzo over to his friends’ house. Mike and Tony agree with Denny that he is making the right decision, but Enzo is not sure what that decision is. The more he listens to the conversation, the better he is able to comprehend that Denny is about to give up Zoe. Tony and Mike tell Denny that he is young and needs to get back into racing. Eve’s parents will be good to Zoe. And Denny will not have a criminal record.

Denny had brought some legal papers with him. He sits down at the table and asks for a pen. Enzo cannot believe what he is seeing. Enzo cannot speak, so he does the next best thing he can think of. He grabs the papers in his mouth and runs. All three men chase him, but Enzo will not let any of them take the papers from him. When he spies an open window, Enzo dives through it to the yard. He then drops the papers and urinates on them. Mike and Tony laugh. Denny feels angry at first, but then he understands what Enzo is trying to tell him. Denny finally promises Enzo that he will not quit.

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