The Art of Racing in the Rain

by Garth Stein

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Chapters 41-45 Summary

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Time drags on as Denny waits for his court date. In the meantime, he enjoys his weekend visits with Zoe. On one weekend, he takes Zoe and Enzo to a go-cart park. Enzo watches Denny and Zoe race. At one point, the young man who runs the park suggests that Denny challenge Zoe to a race. The man says that his money is on Zoe winning. He thinks she has the marks of a good racer. Denny agrees, and the race is on. Denny gives Zoe a small advantage in the beginning, but when it comes time to pass her, Zoe knows how to block him out. She maneuvers her vehicle like a pro and beats him. Denny feels proud of her. He knows now that his daughter is quicker and smarter than he is. That gives him the energy he needs to fuel his cause to win her back.

As the days drag on, Mark Fein becomes impatient with Denny’s plan to pay him. Denny gives the man every extra cent he has, but that is not enough to pay the man in full. Denny asks for Mark’s patience, but the lawyer tells Denny he has other people to pay. If Denny cannot come up with the money, Mark will have to quit. Denny finally wins an extension of thirty days, but that is all Mark is willing to offer.

The next move Mark makes is to get an offer from Eve’s parents that they will drop the criminal charges if Denny quits fighting for Zoe. Mark even points out that it might be best for Zoe if she stays with her grandparents. It would free Denny to take on extra jobs so he can make more money. Because the grandparents are retired and have access to a lot of money, Zoe would have a stable home as well as a free education. But Denny refuses to even think about it. He will fight until he cannot fight any further, although he already has no money. The fight has taken all the money he had. He is forced to sell his house.

Denny and Enzo move into a small apartment in the Capitol Hill district. Enzo hates it. The place smells like chemicals and the noise of the traffic drives him crazy. On top of everything, there is no more cable television.

Much of the money Denny receives from the house goes to Mark Fein. Then shortly afterward Fein receives an appointment as a judge. This means Denny has to hire a new lawyer, and the job falls to a man named Lawrence. Not much time passes after this new arrangement when Eve’s parents, Maxwell and Trish, think up a new tactic to steal Denny’s money. They sue him for child support.

In reaction to this new move by the Evil Twins, Enzo appeals to his imaginary friend called King Karma. When someone is vicious and cruel, Enzo asks King karma to administer a deserved punishment. So each night before he goes to sleep, Enzo talks to his friend, King Karma, about the mean things the Evil Twins are doing to Denny. He hopes his friend will retaliate.

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