The Art of Racing in the Rain

by Garth Stein

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Chapters 27-29 Summary

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Eve’s doctors had predicted that she would live another six months at most. After eight months pass and Eve is still alive, she decides to have a party. Enzo looks around at the people who have come. Everyone seems happy, or at least they pretend too be. Even Zoe seems to be in a good mood—funnier than Enzo has seen her in months.

As they are about to leave, Enzo hears Denny tell Eve how much he loves her and how much he wants her to come home. Eve responds by telling him that she wants to go home and one day will. When Denny goes to say goodnight to Zoe, Eve talks to Enzo. She tells him that she had been wrong to stay at her parents’ home all this time. She should have been with Denny. She also thanks Enzo for staying with her that first night after she got out of the hospital. She said that she had been afraid of death that night. Now she no longer fears death. She looks at death differently now. She tells Enzo that death is not the end.

On the way home, Enzo thinks about what Eve told him about death. Her feelings have infected him. He feels proud of the way Eve is able to embrace everything about life, which includes death. He looks out at the lights of Seattle and sees more beauty than he ever noticed before. Later while at home and dreaming, Enzo sees Eve’s soul leave her body. Enzo knows Eve is dead.

The next morning when Enzo awakens, he senses that Denny has not yet heard the news. Denny takes Enzo out to a dog park and plays fetch with him. At one point, Denny’s cell phone rings and he answers it. After Denny disconnects, he puts his head down and cries. Even though Enzo knew about Eve’s death from his dream, seeing Denny react makes it feel more real. Enzo realizes that he cannot stand all the human emotions, so he runs away. He runs into the thickets where the land is more wild. When he sees a squirrel, he pounces on it and tears it apart. Enzo needs to be a dog, to act like a dog, to forget all his thoughts about humans. After devouring the squirrel, Enzo falls asleep. Eventually Denny finds him and scolds him for running away.

At Eve’s parents’ house, Denny says his final farewell to Eve. Then as he waits for Zoe to pack her things so he can take her home, Eve’s parents approach him. They ask Denny to consider allowing Zoe to stay with them. They have the time and wealth to raise her, they say. Because they have been raising Zoe for the past eight months, they feel they have a right to become Zoe’s guardians. When Denny refuses to hear their arguments and insists that Zoe come with him, Eve’s parents announce that Denny had better find a lawyer because they will sue him for custody.

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