The Art of Racing in the Rain Chapters 23-24 Summary
by Garth Stein

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Chapters 23-24 Summary

When Eve is released from the hospital, Denny discusses with Eve’s parents, Maxwell and Trish, where Eve should stay. Denny reluctantly gives in to Eve’s parents’ request to take care of their daughter. Eve will need a nurse to be on hand but Denny has to work during the day. Maxwell and Trish are retired, so they can be at home with Eve, and they can afford the nursing care. Once Denny relents, Maxwell and Trish put pressure on Denny to also allow them to care for Zoe. At first, Denny resists. Then he realizes that maybe it would be best for Eve to have Zoe near her all day.

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A few days later, Denny takes Zoe and Enzo to his in-law’s home. A hospital bed has been set up in the living room. Then Eve arrives. This is the first time that Enzo has seen Eve since the hiking accident. Her head is covered in a knitted cap. She has lost a lot of weight and the color of her skin has grayed. When Eve finally notices Enzo and calls him to her, Enzo feels unsure of how to greet her. Eve says she does not blame him for his reluctance to draw near. Eve tells him she does not like the way she looks either.

Later when Eve’s parents are talking to Denny, they insinuate that Eve only has a short time to live. The doctor, they remind Denny, told them Eve might have only six months left. Denny refuses to listen to this. He insists that Eve will get well and eventually come home. Eve’s parents think Denny is being unrealistic. They wanted Zoe to stay with them because these might be the last few months she would share with her mother.

Denny must approach Zoe on the subject of staying with her grandparents. He has told his in-laws that the decision as to where she will stay will be up to Zoe. Eve’s parents find this very disturbing, to allow a five-year-old to make such an important decision. Denny presents the idea in a way that allows Zoe to think that she would stay with her mother until Eve recovers. Then they will all be together again. As Enzo witnesses the love between Denny and Zoe, he questions whether he could ever...

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