abstract profiles of main characters Byron and Mark

That Was Then, This Is Now

by S. E. Hinton

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In "That Was Then, This Is Now," where did Bryon work and what changes did he make to retain his job?

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In S.E. Hinton's That was Then, This is Now, Bryon is forced to get a job in order to help pay for his mother's increasing hospital bill.  He first tries to get a job at Charlie's bar and pool hall.  Charlie is reluctant to hire Bryon though, because he does not fully trust him.  

Bryon is eventually able to get himself a job at the local supermarket.  In order to do that though, Bryon had to give up his "bad boy" persona.  He had to clean up his looks and his attitude.  In addition, he had to give up many of his previous activities with Mark.  This is a definitive moment in the text that very much signals the relationship between Mark and Bryon going two completely different directions.  

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