abstract profiles of main characters Byron and Mark

That Was Then, This Is Now

by S. E. Hinton

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What do Bryon's relationships with girls in That Was Then, This Is Now reveal about him?

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Throughout the novel, Bryon portrays himself as a ladies man who enjoys flirting and hooking up with various girls. In Chapter 1, Bryon mentions that he's not afraid to lie to girls if he can get away with it. He then admits to telling girls he was in love with them insincerely. As the novel progresses, Bryon begins to fall in love with Cathy. He says the only thing about Cathy that bothers him is that she is not obsessed with him like most girls. After Cathy meets Bryon's ex-girlfriend, he is pleasantly surprised to find out she is not jealous of Angela. He says Cathy was the first girl he dated who wasn't scared of other women. Bryon decides Cathy has more sense than the other girls he's dated. Bryon's confessions about his past relationships and feelings towards females reveal he is a rather shallow individual. Bryon's attitude towards women suggests he also has self-esteem issues because he was attracted to jealous girls who lacked confidence. His nonchalant attitude toward authentic relationships also depicts his immature personality.

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How did Bryon feel about the girls that he had dated and what did he reveal about them?

Bryon says that he has a reputation as a "lady killer" and has always been successful at hooking up with girls. He mentions that he has got himself into some difficult positions with boyfriends that he didn't even know existed. Bryon also says that he has told numerous girls that he loved them before when he really didn't, and comments that his dates with Angela, his ex-girlfriend, either ended in make-out sessions or fights. In Chapter 3, Bryon takes Cathy to the school dance, and they both run into Angela. Bryon is shocked to find out that Cathy is not intimidated or jealous of Angela at all. Byron says that Cathy was the first person he's dated who wasn't scared that some other chick would show her up. In Chapter 7, Bryon says that he remembered all the trouble that Angela had caused, as well as her dramatic, unfriendly family. Bryon resents Angela, and she makes him feel sick to his stomach. Cathy is nothing like the girls he used to date because she is innocent and down to earth.

Bryon's ex-girlfriends are confrontational, have low self-esteem, and are generally immoral individuals. They cheat on their boyfriends, are easily seduced by Mark and believe every word he says. After meeting Cathy, Bryon has no motivation to be involved with them anymore and regrets being with them in the first place.

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