That Was Then, This Is Now Critical Context
by S. E. Hinton

That Was Then, This Is Now book cover
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Critical Context

(Survey of Young Adult Fiction)

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Although some critics have accused S. E. Hinton of sensationalism and glorification of rebellious antisocial behaviors, her work has received acclaim for its innovative use of symbolism, literary allusion, and diverse narrative techniques. That Was Then, This Is Now continues in the tradition of Hinton’s first book, The Outsiders, building an atmosphere of violence and hostility in which her young protagonists must constantly struggle to survive. As Hinton herself has said, it is the people of her novels that concern her most, and her subsequent works, such as Rumble Fish (1975), Tex (1979), and Taming the Star Runner (1988), contain memorable characters facing authentic problems that have no pat solutions. Her first four novels have been adapted successfully into popular films.