I have to do either #1 or #2 of the post readings below. Can anyone help me with ideas to get started?

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#1 Roger and Mrs. Jones meet ten years later. Write their conversation.

Here are some ideas from which you can build a conversation:

Perhaps, there can be a chance meeting, such as on the subway. Roger is now a college graduate, having earned a federal scholarship and worked nights to put himself through school. As he walks to the subway train after work, he sees an older woman having trouble with her bags and cane; so, he quickly aids her. When he stands after picking up a package she has dropped, he recognizes Mrs. Jones and introduces himself. As they sit together in the subway car and talk, Roger tells her about himself and the profound effect her actions towards him so long ago have had upon him.  Her words, "i were young once and I wanted things I could not get" are etched in his memory, he tells her. In fact, he uses these words and her method of shaming him with saying her words, "Shoes come by devilish like that will burn your feet" when he works with youths in the Big Brother program.

#2 Write Roger's letter to Mrs. Jones after the incident takes place.

Perhaps here the last lines will generate ideas for Roger's letter. For, he wants to say, "Thank you, ma'am" to Mrs. Jones, but is unable and "barely manages" to say "Thank you." This inability to really thank her may be the beginning of his letter as he writes to tell her that he has thought about what she told him, how kind she was to him, making him feel that he can improve.

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