Tess of the d'Urbervilles Phase the Sixth: The Convert, Chapters 45–52: Questions and Answers
by Thomas Hardy

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Phase the Sixth: The Convert, Chapters 45–52: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Does Tess believe Alec’s conversion?

2. With what does Tess strike Alec?

3. What happens when the rick (or pile) of wheat is nearly ¬levelled?

4. What advice does Angel receive from the cosmopolitan Englishman he meets in Brazil?

5. What are the implications of John’s death?

6. To what figure does Alec compare himself when he surprises Tess in a field?

7. What is the story of the D’Urberville Coach?

8. What generally happens each Old Lady-Day?

9. Where do Tess and her family decide to make a new home?

10. What advice do Izz and Marian give Angel?

1. Tess cannot believe that Alec has truly been converted.

2. Tess hits Alec across the face with her rough leather gloves.

3. The rats which have taken refuge near the bottom of the rick must be caught. This activity sometimes draws a crowd of observers from the area.

4. Angel is told that he was foolish in rejecting a woman who loves him, and wrong in estimating what Tess would be as a wife solely by what she had been in the past.

5. The Durbeyfield family had the lease on their cottage only until John died. Thus, the family has to move, since the owner wants the house for fieldworkers he wishes to hire.

6. Alec compares himself to Satan, the Eternal Tempter. Surprisingly enough, Tess rejects this comparison.

7. The legend of the coach is that those of D’Urberville blood are prone to hear the sound of a non-existent coach. The legend dates back to an abduction and murder involving a D’Urberville.

8. Laborers and artisans frequently start new jobs in different towns, areas, or farms, and are forced to move.

9. Tess and her family move to Kingsbere, the town in which lies the cathedral containing the D’Urberville family vaults (graves).

10. Izz and Marian urge Angel to take care of his wife because she is being set upon by an enemy.