Tess of the d'Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy

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Phase the Fifth: The Woman Pays, Chapters 35–44: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What prevents Angel from going into Tess’s bedroom when he hears her breathing?

2. Why does Tess reject thoughts of suicide?

3. Where does Angel carry Tess in his sleep?

4. To what country does Angel decide to go?

5. What comment does her father make upon hearing that Tess has returned home?

6. Whom does Angel ask to accompany him overseas?

7. What are Tess’s duties on the farm at Flintcomb-Ash?

8. What characters from Phase the First does Tess meet up with again at Flintcomb-Ash?

9. Who takes Tess’s boots?

10. Whom does Tess observe preaching at a local barn?

1. The fearsome, sinister-looking portraits of the D’Urberville ancestors, which remind Angel of Tess, cause him to turn back.

2. She does not want her action to bring suspicion or discredit upon Angel.


(The entire section is 268 words.)