Tertullian *Principal English Translations - Essay

*Principal English Translations

(Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism)

On the Testimony of the Soul and On the 'Prescription' of Heretics [translated by T. H. Bindley] 1914

Tertullian's Treatises Concerning Prayer, Concerning Baptism [translated by Alex Souter] 1919

Against Praxeas [translated by Alex Souter] 1920

Concerning the Resurrection of the Flesh [translated by Alex Souter] 1922

Apology, De spectaculis [translated by T. R. Glover] 1931

Tertullian's Treatise against Praxeas [translated by E. Evans] 1948

Apologetical Works [translated by Rudolph Arbesmann] 1950

On the Soul [translated by E. A. Quain] 1950

The Testimony of the Soul [translated by R. Arbesmann] 1950

Tertullian: Treatises on Marriage and Remarriage [translated by William P. Le Saint] 1951

Tertullian's Tract on Prayer [translated by E. Evans] 1953

Tertullian's Homily on the Incarnation [translated by E. Evans] 1956

Tertullian: The Treatise against Hermogenes [translated by J. H. Waszink] 1956

Disciplinary, Moral, and Ascetical Works [translated by Rudolph Arbesmann] 1959

Tertullian: Treatises on Penance [translated by William P. Le Saint] 1959

Tertullian's Treatise on the Resurrection [translated by E. Evans] 1960

Tertullian: Apologeticuin [translated by C. Becker] 1961

Tertullian's Homily on Baptism [translated by E. Evans] 1968

De idololatria [translated by J. H. Waszink and J. C. M. van Winden] 1987

*All of Tertullian's extant works have been translated into English and appear in Ante-Nicene Christian Library (edited by F. Oehler; translated by P. Holmes and S. Thelwall, 1868-70; also published as Ante-Nicene Fathers in 1884 and reprinted in 1957).